How to prepare for Bridal Makeup in Wedding Rush

How to prepare for Bridal Makeup in Wedding Rush

The time has come when you wave goodbye to your family and set your foot inside an unknown residence which you will have to call home. For you, you are still a girl who has always held her father’s hand on a family day out and always shared your daily routine to mother. Soon you will realize, it’s time. No matter our personality, we take bridal look seriously on our wedding day. And why not? It will be the most seen or photographed day. As days pass by you start to feel, insufficiency of time leading you into wedding rush.  Here is how to prepare for Bridal Makeup in Wedding Rush.

1. Spend some extra to look extra

You have set your budget and all the to do list seems to be done. But wait! Have you thought of proper makeup and hair? You are on the verge of breaking your budget and anything associated with weddings or brides costs more than it does normally. How you are going to look is going to be captured forever. So, make sure you look stunning. Spending a few extra bucks for a proper hair dos and makeup, you will not regret.

2. Have a proper research on your pros

There are lots of Beauty stations and saloons in Nepal but you never know a small saloon can provide you a better service than a giant branded saloon. Since it is a service provider for the moment of truth you need to get served. So have a proper research on the saloon or artist you want to get your things done. Ask friends and coworkers for recommendations, go to bridal shows to check out what’s available, check out reviews on sites such as Yelp, and check salon websites for testimonials or before and after photos of real brides. Look for websites, facebook page, instagrams, pinterest and other sites that contains an organic digital word of mouth.

3. Figure out what you want.

The time which was a princess dream is finally here and like every woman you have had plans for your wedding on how you look. Don’t be blank about how you look and what you want. There are abundance of hairstyles and makeups on the internet. Have a proper research on it and find out what suits you. Your professional makeup artist sure can guide you through the entire process but, just to be on the safe side as a makeup artist, it is better for you to decide how you look and what you want. Therefore, narrowing down your considered style will yield the best result. It is better you tell your professional makeup artist how you want to look providing several samples to back it up.

4. Too many cook spoil the soup

Since it is a big day for you, every individual close or far to you will provide you their comment and feedback before choosing your dress, ornaments and a makeup artist. With all due respect you sometimes have to say no. Being a yes person to everyone will only lead to disaster. Relating with the prior points 2 & 3, you have to be sure on what you want and who will be the best for you. Again, it will get captured in the picture which will be on a frame for a lifetime. So choose wisely.

5. Just in time is good but before time is better

The adrenaline rush kicks in as the day arrives. You start to have second thoughts and that is totally normal. I had it on mine too. Trust in yourself and your partner. Think about everything you guys made possible being one.

Booking your makeup artist time some extra few minutes early would be a smart choice as you can explore yourself with several styles or can honestly elucidate the makeup artist what you would love to see yourself in the mirror. An interactive session before the real deal is a great way for splendid results. So, instead of being in a rush and carrying out whatever your artist provides, you can book extra time early from your makeup artist and have a small briefing session before makeup or have small updates of your own using his/ her help to meet your benchmark.

6. Don’t be afraid & speak up

Once your stylist has finished your look, whether it’s your hairstyle or makeup, don’t hesitate to speak up if it’s not what you were hoping for, or if you want changes made. This is the day everyone is waiting for and if you start to have doubts in yourself, your low self-esteem will not be unnoticed by others. Therefore, instead of regretting later, ask your professional to have few changes according to your style or theirs, whichever serves the best.

“I feel connected to my clients when they open up and express their expectations on how they would love to look. It feels like all I have to do is fill in the blanks. By the time the makeover is done, the result is splendid.”

7. Keep your cool

Though it is the day everyone was looking forward, it will be a stressful day of your life. However, don’t get caught up with the fact that it will be full of stress. It is up to you how you deal it. Take a shower and hydrate yourself because you will need liquids running in your veins. Take a deep breath and relax, get pampered. Bring someone with whom you feel comfortable with and just have a good time while you get beautified. “Trust me you getting panic in that situation won’t help you. Just take a deep breath and go with the flow.”


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