1. Bridal Makeup

Wedding season is filled with joy and happiness. However, when it comes to makeover we often lands up on dilemma. Set aside your woes and worries and let CAM handle it.

2. Bridal Package

A package specifically prepared for the Bride. You are the Queen. Have it grand. The package comes with

  1. Waxing
  2. Facial
  3. Mehindi
  4. Hair Treatment
  5. Bridal Makeup
  6. Reception Makeup
  7. Attire Settings

3. Makeup

“You have the right to be pretty.”

CAM has to offer a various range of Makeover for all the ladies out here In Nepal. You are pretty in your own way, it is just our brush that amplifies your self-esteem and confidence.

CAM has to offer

  1. Bridal Makeup
  2. Party Makeup
  3. Cosplay
  4. Natural Makeup
  5. Nude Makeup

4. Facial

Look fresh, relieve your skin from the crazy pollution and get it the mood to be praised and appreciated. Facial at CAM will give you a natural glow. Be it before an event or just a regular day, you have the right to be pretty.

5. Hair

The beauty enhancer of a woman and you don’t mess with it. CAM has various range of services to provide for your beautiful hair.

  1. Hair Cut
  2. Hair Treatment
  3. Hair Dye
  4. Hair Extension
  5. Hair Straight

6. Manicure & Pedicure

Don’t forget the granted parts of our body which contributes to your beauty. CAM provides a manual Manicure & Pedicure service that is

7. Mehindi

Mehindi is a special art created using the canvas of a woman’s body. The art creates a unique resemblance of determinacy, devotion and love. Try our designs and art.

  1. Normal Events
  2. Bridal

8. Waxing

Hey ladies, feel confident and get into the zone. Feel free, confident and live again. Like Mr. Miyagi from Karate kid once said, “Wax on!! Wax off!!”

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